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Accu-Tube has been a stainless steel tubing supplier and component manufacturer to leading CMOs and OEMs for 45 years. We produce high-quality tubing and components, provide a variety of finishing processes, and have an array of in-house capabilities. Our internal processes and quality systems are all designed to exceed medical device industry demands. Our engineering department is equipped to work with your electronic files or can help to create the needed files to produce custom prototypes, finished raw tubing, or a finished component.

Some of our medical successes include:
• Arthroscopy
• Biopsy Tubes
• Cannulas
• Closed-end Tubes with Apertures
• Diagnostics
• Endoscope Components
• General Surgical Instrumenting
• Irrigation Tubes
• Laparoscopic Tubes
• Minimally Invasive Surgical Instrumentation

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Performance is a key driving force within the aerospace industry. Vigorous environmental conditions put extreme demands on tubing and finished components. Our team works with you to explore and test a variety of different process options, different configurations, alloys, and finishes—all geared to meet critical performance needs. Our manufacturing facility is equipped to manufacture centerless grinding ground tubing to +/-.0002 +/-.00025″

Mission-critical products we have worked on include the following:
• Cable Guides
• Heat Exchangers
• Injector Nozzles
• PITO Pilot Tubes
• Thermocouples

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Accu-Tube is a leading tubing and component supplier for commercial applications. Our tubing can be found in heater exchangers for leading car brands and in air conditioning units in major commercial heating systems. We’re proud that we help to keep things flowing in the right direction. Meeting the crucial demands to exacting applications is what we do best. Each small-diameter stainless steel tube is required to work the way it needs to. Our team works with you closely to ensure you have the most durable finished product.

Some of our industrial successes include:
• Gas Chromatography
• Heater Coils
• Heat Exchange
• Sensor Tubes
• Temperature Probes